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The daughter of a late comic confronts her fears of performing.
the film

Hedgehog tells the story of Ali, a young comedienne who longs to follow in the footsteps of her once well-known comic father but who cannot perform out of fear that she will suffer his same fate. In the hopes of conquering her fears, Ali begins taking writing classes but soon finds that the cost of the classes force her to take a second job assisting an aging professor who is preparing to move out of their home. Through each new relationship Ali finds that she must reconcile her issues with vulnerability in order to find her own path. 

The facts


from writer/director Lindsey Copeland

Hedgehog is a film that was nine years in the making. The first draft of what would eventually become "Hedgehog" dealt with the story of Ali's father and his career as a comic. Over time and numerous drafts the story began to shift to his daughter and dealt more with the ideas of being in the shadow of a parent. What I was most interested in was telling a story about vulnerability and how it's such a vital part of our lives. I wanted to show that allowing oneself to be vulnerable is not just vital to a performer but to anyone who wants to have a deep and meaningful relationship with another human being. That is the core of Ali's struggle in the film.



The mission

Hedgehog was shot in October 2015 in Boston MA and its surrounding areas. Editing began in November 2015 and the film completed post production at the end of September 2016, almost a full year after production began. With a 45 person crew and a tight 21 day shooting schedule we had to work quickly and efficiently to maximize our time while getting the shots we needed. The incredibly talented and hard working women and men that worked on this film are the reason it was able to get made. A film is a collaborative effort and without each and every person that was a part of our team from pre-production through post, Hedgehog would not have come in to being. 

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